Thanks to a Royal Commission

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The bed is for sale now.

The wallpaper’s gone.

The window is bigger.

The lights are all on.


The monster is missing,

But that’s no big deal.

He’s down at the big house,


Copping a feel.


The nightmares are leaving.

And so is the smell.

This room of my childhood.

No longer my cell.


The old moving finger,

That many pains writ,

Now pens a fresh panel:


Enough of this shit!


To keep me in coffee, you may wish to

Whatever the sum, I’ll toast your health.



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Alcohol’s a millstone

That drags you to the deep.

It poisons all your daytimes,

And Alptraums your sleep.

It steals ‘fun’ from your future,

Yet when it comes it’s gone.

And if you ever get there,

You’ll find that there is none.

Today is what you make it:

Thy Heaven, Earth or Hell.

But if you try to fake it,

It’s the most broken spell.




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I was in the Abyss
Beyond the Precipice
Hurtling Hellwards
At Terminal Velocity.

Behold! A line!
Cast from the Edge.
By my Friends.
To save me.

A farrago.
A tissue of truths.
Cobbled together with Love.

All my tears.
Frozen by stares.
Give support.

Threads of conversation.
Seeds of thought.
Sprouted like Velcro.
Stick to my clothes.

Halting my descent.

Echoes of laughter.
Gild the frozen crevice.
Denying my solitude.

This fragile NET,
Slave to Belief –
Yet I am held.
Defying Fate.
And Death.

Like Fishermen they haul;
Giving their all.
To save their minnow
From the Deep.

Twice born.
Ever humbled.
My new life.
Starts today.

Thank you.

Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.

One hand

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We used to have a pile of friends;

we’d count ‘em on ten limbs.

But Time’s thalidomide’s cut in –

the ranks have rather thinned.

20 years have passed us by

(we saw them just last week).

Two sheep from ten hairy goats;

a chaff from 15 wheat.

So what I really wanna know,

if you’ve got time of day:

do I still join your happy few

and will you go my way?

Are we two pals who stay the course,

or will you turn me loose

to float off with your jetsam

when your star fleet hits the juice?

It’s me versus a hundred

as I await your call.

We used to love each other,

but love don’t conquer all.

Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.

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