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Long ago, but not very far away, a young man wandered with scant purpose

through Melbourne’s CBD.

He happened upon a bookshop (now gone) specialising in speculative fiction.

In its window was a handsome periodical (now defunct) dedicated to same.

The man was young enough to vow – and mean it – that one day his writing would appear

in that magazine.

In rather less time than anyone expected, this dream came gloriously true.

Twenty years on, the same man writes

to remind himself

why he is here.

And what he can achieve

if he follows his dreams to

the end.


Brought to you by Imagine Day.




Spotting the hit

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Click pic to make big and bigger.

Click pic to make big and bigger.

The dribble of doom …

This little tree did it hard.

Drought killed it outside while critters gnawed within.

Curling bark and chomp trails tell the story.

Now a nice council person has sprayed the tree with the yellow spot of death.

Soon, a woodsperson will be along to cut it down.

Its replacement already incubates at bottom left.

To the right, what might have been.

Life’s tough.

Live it while you can.

Brought to you by Imagine Day the book.










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A crushing victory.

Got the irrits and the shits.

Can’t abide nongs or nitwits.

Think I’ll shake myself to bits.


Put away the jolly pills.

Out of bed to pay the bills.

Hi! to Life! and all its ills.


Kick away my trusty props.

Down the slip and brave the chops.

Time to see if this plan flops.


Bell is ringing like a brain.

Fingers numb yet bruises pain.

Crazy not to be insane.


Cue the voices in my head.

Self esteem for them to shred.

With no dogs I’d long be dead.


Ditch the pies and hold the sauce.

Cut the crap and stay the course.

Cry and scream until you’re hoarse.


Had two coffees and a tea.

Diet tonic; plenty wee.

Think this Coke is bad for me …


Stick it in a bodgy poem.

Cast it as a bad genome.

Stuff the edit; almost home.


Fret us not the broken egg.

Life’s a deal; we can’t renege.

Up and go: don’t make me beg.




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