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Bryce Courtenay


This writing advice from Bryce Courtenay is the best I’ve ever received.

My intensely supportive wife (who knows me as Feisty) stood long in a line to reach him.

She told him how I wanted to write, but didn’t know how.

Bryce’s candour was a bit of a shock to her.

She worried how I’d take it.

But it was precisely the boot up the arse (ass) I needed.

So, my deepest thanks to these remarkable people.

May my efforts be worthy.

And may I not waste time.


Brought to you by Imagine Day the book.




On spec

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Long ago, but not very far away, a young man wandered with scant purpose

through Melbourne’s CBD.

He happened upon a bookshop (now gone) specialising in speculative fiction.

In its window was a handsome periodical (now defunct) dedicated to same.

The man was young enough to vow – and mean it – that one day his writing would appear

in that magazine.

In rather less time than anyone expected, this dream came gloriously true.

Twenty years on, the same man writes

to remind himself

why he is here.

And what he can achieve

if he follows his dreams to

the end.


Brought to you by Imagine Day.




Imagine Day – The Book!

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The great unboxing. I cried so many tears of joy I couldn't read the dedication!

The great unboxing. I cried so many tears of joy I couldn’t read the dedication!

This post is dedicated to my dedicated readers and subscribers.

Your past actions have suggested you enjoy this blog.

Well, now you can hold my creative content in your hands!

In a fair dinkum, read on the bus, book book.

A 20-year dream realised at last!

A 20-year dream realised at last!

Prepared in total secrecy by my wife and friends for my 50th birthday, this tiny tome collates 19 of my surreal short stories for the first time in print.

This first edition, strictly limited to just 200 copies, will be the only one featuring dedications written with my Magic Red Pen.

Thank you for reading yet again.

Kind regards,



Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.

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