Abstract. Author.

I’m a high-end corporate copywriter. My business is The Feisty Empire.

In three decades, I’ve also written many surreal short stories, songs and poems that have been published in more than 20 magazines worldwide.

In 2015, 19 of my stories were published in Imagine Day, the book.

Plans are afoot to produce a second volume of my works.

I seek a literary agent and publisher to promulgate same.

If you like what you see on these pages, I’d love to hear from you!

If you’d like to check out my 46-chapter dystopian novel, click here.

I use and attribute photos from Flickr, to promote and build links with other creatives.

With best regards and many thanks for your time. 🙂

Also, if you find this content useful or entertaining, you may wish to:

Even a buck or three will keep me in the hunt. With many thanks, Paul.


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  1. Publishers ill not look at your work or even open your mail. Thy only look a stuff that has been read and approved by agents who sift through all the submissions to find what will not take up the publishers time. Look up agents on the net and contact them first. I published my own book and sell my work by contacting the buyers direct. The book is on how I made it in Hairdressing and is full of advice and guidance on customer service and business. But most people are lazy when it comes to reading self help books. They usually only read the first chapter. So the book comes in CD as well. So they can listen to it in the car. If i published the work through a publisher I would get 10% of the sale price. My postal costs are much smaller than the other 90%. But for the USA I need a distributor. They charge about 60% of sales, but they do a good job usually. If you are in Brisbane I could put you in contact with a publisher who might help.

    • Thanks for your great comment, Rolando. Sounds like you’re on the right tram. You know, I’d completely forgotten about agents. I must add them to my Web 2.0 marketing mix. Thanks for the offer, but I’m in Melbourne. Again, I really appreciate your input. Best regards, P. 🙂

  2. I’m in the process of reading the new writers handbook for 2007 , it has all sorts of interesting info for authors, and it tells you how to promote your books, find agents and it’s cool!

    I’ve been blogging about it on The Idea Girl Says Word Press (all the golden nuggets I have learned so far — great for fiction and non fiction writers)

    • Many thanks for that. I wasn’t able to find the article on your blog. Could you possibly give us a direct link? Best regards, P. 🙂

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