Bright eyed

May 14, 2015 at 9:40 am | Posted in Poem | 6 Comments
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Greek neighbour phones re

my dead father’s lawn.

A deadly brown thing

manifested at dawn.

‘Maybe he possum …

or maybe he dog.

When you are come here

to take a the look?’

Rain on the freeway.

Pain in my head.

When will I run out

of things to be dead?!

Under the plum tree,

next to the tap.

Your finest form broken

by trauma and snap.

One bright eye skyward,

fresh blood at your nose.

Muscles and tendons

now framing your pose.

My hand in a bag

(might you have the mange?)

But as I approach,

a feeling so strange.

If I touch your paw,

will you leap up and sprint?

I gaze at your iris …

Was that just a glint?!

Could you surprise me

with vigour and bite?

I wait and I hope –

but you died in the night.

I wrap you and bin you

and roll you to kerb.

I’d rather be stroking

that tail so superb.

I go tell the neighbour

and drive home alone.

I wish you’d done 60

in that 50 zone.

Pic by Wildlife Spotter.



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  1. Wonderful.

    • You’re very kind, Ad. Thank you.

      • Revisiting this, and I agree with the Draper. Yours is a unique voice, Paul. And a unique perspective. Because it’s not just that you were the only human in that time and space, but indeed (as you say) that you are you. These are delicate words, but I suspect they’ll live a long time. Wonderful!

        • Thank you so much, Ad. You’ll never know how well timed and helpful your lovely comment was. Kind regards always, P.

  2. You’re an amazing and unique talent, Paul. There is nothing recycled in your work. Maybe there are new ideas after all?

    • Dear Darin, that’s one of the finest compliments you could give. To hone my writing, I read the masters. Figuring the best I can do is emulate. I’ve long believed there’s ‘nothing new under the sun’. If you can think it, it’s been done. But you’ve made me realise that I was the only human in that time and space. And my reaction to this incident was a function of all my nature, nurture and current state. I’d be happy if my writing could be considered new. To think my ideas are likewise is a very gratifying … thought. So thanks so much for your wonderful shot in the arm. I really needed it today. Kind regards, P.

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