Seeing Yellow

April 21, 2015 at 10:22 am | Posted in Short Story | 2 Comments
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The Men came for me today.

Not in a truck this year, but in a white van.

I didn’t expect them.

I had asked The People In Charge not to send them to my home any more.

One of The Men hurled a Yellow Pages into my front yard.

It landed with a loud thud, startling my dogs.

This time, I decided, it would be different.

This time, I would do something.

I stood up.

I left my desk.

I opened my front door.

I went outside.

I picked up the big, heavy, useless, plastic-wrapped, Yellow lump of paper.

I hefted it in my hands.

My heart started beating faster.

I went to my gate.

The van was three doors up and moving.

I yelled.

I yelled: ‘HEY, MATE!!!’.

The van stopped.

Very much like the tour bus stops in the film ‘Babel’.

The passenger door opened a crack.

I yelled again.

The door opened more and one of The Men got out.

He looked at me.

I threw the Yellow Pages with all my might.

Over my fence.

Onto the footpath.

Away from my home.

Back to the earth.

The Man looked at me.

He glared.

He started walking towards me.

I went back into my home and shut the door.


Brought to you by The Feisty Empire.


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  1. So sorry the Yellow Pages are making you see red and feel blue. I didn’t realise they were handing out phone books in the movie, ‘Babel’. Brad Pitt is such a distraction.

    • Hi, Ad. At that extreme range, I reckon the bullet wouldn’t have made it past Haberdashery. If Brad had’ve given a set to our Cate before things got ugly, they would’ve made it to Wobbies World no worries. Kind regards, P.

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